H&T Presspart is a world leader and specialist in manufacturing drug-delivery systems and pharmaceutical components. The solutions we offer our pharmaceutical clients include metered-dose inhaler canisters and components, and a comprehensive range of dose-counting technologies.

We offer more than 45 years’ experience of meeting the needs of the world’s leading pharma companies. During that time we’ve developed a strong reputation for precision and reliability, critically important when patients’ quality of life can depend on the tiniest of details, both in the medication and its delivery system. Our extensive skills and experience as medical device manufacturers cover every aspect of deep-drawn manufacturing and injection moulding for the pharmaceutical industry.

As healthcare and pharmaceutical knowledge and understanding continue to evolve, so do we. We focus on industry-leading innovations, continually pushing the boundaries to find technologies that will improve drug delivery performance for our customers and their patients. You can use our advice, support and experience to help you make the best decisions early in the product and device development process.

H&T Presspart | Our State Of The Art Facilities

Deep-drawn manufacturing process for MDI cans

Our State Of The Art Facilities

Our three European manufacturing sites produce over 75% of the world’s metered-dose inhaler components. Our facilities also include the brand new state of the art Inhalation Product Technology Centre (IPTC).

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H&T Presspart | Our Innovation

PowdAir Plus Dry Powder Inhaler

Our Innovation

H&T Presspart is at the cutting edge of drug delivery device design and manufacture. The drug delivery devices we help to create are some of the most innovative & reliable on the market. We strive to stay ahead of the changes within the pharmaceutical market to ensure we are always able to offer the right solution for your needs.

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Our Partners

Our partners are the world leaders within the pharmaceutical industry for respiratory drug delivery solutions. Our proven knowledge and expertise in the drug delivery market makes us the partner of choice for the industry.

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Our Locations

H&T Presspart has three European manufacturing sites in the UK, Germany & Spain. Committed to supporting our regional customers, H&T Presspart also has sales office based in Singapore, India, Uruguay & the USA.

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Our Talent

As a market leader in our field, H&T Presspart employees people from a wide range of career and skill backgrounds. H&T Presspart invests heavily in the training and education of employees with major specialised training programmes, including a long-established Apprenticeship scheme

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We will also be exhibiting at this year’s Drug Delivery Partnership show, and you can find our team on table 200 in the exhibition hall. The show starts today in Florida and runs till the 24th Jan lifesciences.knect365.com/ddp/ 23 hours ago

If you're attending @PharmapackEu in February make sure you stop by the @Presspart stand at B54 to see our full range of dispensing actuators. Our range is suitable for mechanical spray pumps and for aerosol valves, and for oral, aural and topical applications. #drugdelivery pic.twitter.com/nmEfM4KDK3 4 days ago

If you're attending the Drug Delivery Partnerships Conf. in Florida on Monday make sure you catch @Pressparts Dana Shears talk on ‘Smart Inhalers - Improving Patient Adherence and Reducing Healthcare Costs’. It's not to be missed if you are interested in the future of smart MDIs 4 days ago

H&T Presspart will be exhibiting at next week’s Drug Delivery Partnership conference. You can find us on table 200 in the exhibition hall where you can see our full range of respiratory drug delivery components. presspart.com #respiratory #drugdelivery 5 days ago

We are looking forward to sponsoring @OINDPnews for another year. Make sure you sign up for their digital newsletter here oindpnews.com #drugdelivery #news #inhalation #asthma #copd 5 days ago

Great Q&A from the FDA regarding generic drugs! #FDA #pharmaceutical #generics #drugs twitter.com/richard_turmer… 5 days ago

Dru Delivery Partnerships Conf. is a great place to discover new drug delivery technologies. Join @presspart at the conf. from 22-24 Jan. in Florida to see our range of innovative respiratory drug delivery technologies 6 days ago

Lack of adherence, data, and product innovation- the 3 road blocks to better respiratory disease management. Join us next week at Drug Delivery Partnership in Florida to see how the pharmaceutical industry can overcome these road blocks. presspart.com/products/emdi/ #connectedhealth 6 days ago