H&T Presspart, the world’s leading manufacturer of components for respiratory drug delivery systems and devices, will be attending the Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Asia Conference in India from 14-16 November.

At this year’s RRD Asia, H&T Presspart’s Richard Turner and Ameet Sule will be hosting a workshop “uDPI: Meeting Patient Needs, The Challenges, and the Opportunities”. Attendees of the workshop will interactively learn about the pathways and challenges involved to bring a dry powder inhaler to the market.

As well as hosting the workshop, H&T Presspart will also be exhibiting at the conference. Visitors to the H&T stand will be able to see our wide portfolio of respiratory drug delivery devices and components, including our range of MDI canisters and MDI actuators.

Also being exhibited at H&T Presspart’s stand will be our range of counting solutions for MDIs including our own Quantum end of life indication system and also our mechanical dose by dose counting solutions, manufactured under license from 3M.


The H&T Presspart stand will also feature our eMDI, the first market-ready smart connected metered-dose inhaler, with visitors getting the chance to test out this innovative next-generation MDI inhaler. The eMDI improves a patient’s adherence to medication doses, encouraging self-care, and helps health professionals maintain a real-time monitoring.

In developing markets such as Asia, where demand for respiratory treatments is growing rapidly, there’s an increasing need to offer more choice to patients who use a dry powder inhaler (DPI). H&T Presspart’s PowdAir Plus is a capsule-based dry powder inhaler has been specifically designed as a sleek and affordable device for such markets. PowdAir Plus is a complete unit with no metal or separate parts. Neat and compact, its novel all-plastic, four-component design minimises manufacturing assembly and production costs, while improving the device’s resilience to frequent use. Visitors to RDD Asia will be able to see samples of PowdAir Plus and learn all about this innovative and affordable DPI.

Four years after its inception in 2014, RDD Asia, jointly organized by Aptar Pharma, represents an extension of the US and European RDD meetings into one of the world’s most prominent emerging markets. The conference plays host to more than 200 participants, in a setting of Kerala, India. The biennial conference aims to discuss issues devoted around nasal and pulmonary drug delivery.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with our team during the show please contact us.