With over 50 years’ experience, H&T Presspart is the world’s leading supplier of regulated respiratory drug delivery components to the pharmaceutical industry. Our strong experience in the pharmaceutical market makes H&T Presspart the partner of choice for the manufacture of smoking cessation devices and components for the highly regulated nicotine delivery market.

H&T Presspart’s state of the art manufacturing facilities located in the UKGermany, and Spain include:

Deep drawn metal and injection-moulded plastic components
• Clean room manufacturing
• ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and GMP
• Device design and development teams
Regulatory affairs support
Inhalation Product Technology Centre

The market for e-cigarettes and smoking cessation devices has grown significantly over the last five years with millions of people now using these devices to stop smoking.

H&T Presspart’s Inhalation Product Technology Centre


Health bodies, pharmaceutical, and tobacco companies have realised the power of these devices to help consumers stop smoking. Whilst the long-term effects of consumer e-cigarettes are still unknown, there has been a drive from government and health bodies alike to introduce regulated pharmaceutical grade e-cigarettes, and offer patients a regulated smoking cessation device that can be accessed by health services.

H&T Presspart can offer high-speed component manufacturing and assembly, supported by development and design-for-manufacturing services for smoking cessation components in deep-drawn metal or plastic injection moulded. For more information please contact us.