Quantum Dose Indicator

Our off-the-shelf Quantum ® dose indicator is the very first on-can metered-dose inhaler end-of-life solution, ensuring patients don’t run out of their medication. It’s cost-effective, disposable, and simple to use – and, as it includes no mechanical parts, it’s extremely reliable.

Built into our MDI canisters, Quantum is compatible with current filling and packaging lines. It’s a very simple, fail-safe system, based on an arrow on the bottom of the can that indicates the remaining drug level. It works without requiring any change to the actuator, or any additional parts. Quantum provides added convenience for patients, and also offers treatment monitoring and compliance management through an optional smartphone app.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, Quantum is quick and easy to take to market, with low capital outlay. It’s applicable to all MDI products, whatever the number of doses, and gives you a competitive advantage in both regulated and unregulated markets. The system meets regulatory guidelines, and is patent protected.

Our off-the-shelf Quantum dose indicator is cost-effective, disposable, and simple to use.

  • Available for 14ml and 19ml plain and plasma-treated canisters.
  • Shows the amount of medication used, and how much is left in the can.
  • With no mechanical parts, it’s extremely reliable.
  • Links optionally to a smartphone app.

Benefits to patients include:

  • fail-safe dose indication system that cannot miscount
  • intuitive to use, with an analogue display just like a fuel gauge
  • optional and customisable reference card
  • customisable mobile app, with additional patient management features and smart connectivity without the cost.

How the Quantum dose indicator works

To check the drug level in an MDI canister:

Step 1 – remove the can from the actuator.
Step 2 – gently roll and release the can on a smooth, level surface, letting it stop and settle naturally.
Step 3 – to see how many doses are in the can, align the transparent window on the indicator card with the base of the can. The arrow on the can points to a coloured band that indicates how many doses are left.

Quantum mobile app

We’ve developed the Quantum dose indicator app as an alternative to the Quantum indicator card. Features and benefits of the mobile app include:

  • available for Android and IOS mobile platforms
  • manual patient tracking system
  • dose and prescription refill reminders
  • patient information leaflet
  • history gallery of previous readings to help patients track their usage
  • customisable by region, product and patient groups (children/adults).


Quantum Dose Indicator System
Quantum is the first on-can, cost-effective, off-the-shelf dose indication system for metered-dose inhalers



The Quantum logo is a registered trademark of Presspart Manufacturing Limited.

Technology is licensed from Trig 1.

The product is patented:
– BR112012019356-2 (Brazil)
– CA2825595 (Canada)
– CN201180014842.7 (China)
– EP2531420 (Europe)
– 7600/DELNP/2012 (India)
– US13/576751 (United States)
– GB1418592.0 (UK)