Metered-dose Inhaler (MDI) Dose Counters

Asthma and COPD are conditions that need constant monitoring and controlling. So methods for predicting the end of life of metered-dose inhalers can improve patient safety and quality of life, as well as reduce hospital admissions. At H&T Presspart, we offer counters and indicators to address a variety of customer and market needs.

Patients need support for their correct and timely use of inhalers, without changing the way they use them. Yet most MDIs on the market offer no practical way for patients or doctors to know how many doses are left in an inhaler.

We offer a mechanical dose-counting system – designed, developed, and patented by Kindeva Drug Delivery- suitable for any generic or new chemical entity development and compatible with all marketed pressurised MDI valves.

The FDA is the only current regulation, but we can incorporate the counter into any MDI actuator, or in products for unregulated markets. We manage all the necessary testing and preparation for regulatory approval. In this way, we help pharmaceutical manufacturers pick the best solution for their needs, and offer their patients this additional support.

Mechanical dose counter/-indicator

  • Available for 120 puffs (dose by dose counter) with flexible pre-count
  • Available for 200 puffs (dose by dose indicator) with flexible pre-count
  • Can be incorporated in our range of actuators
  • Compatible with most valve specifications from leading manufacturers
  • Can be incorporated in custom actuator configurations
  • Already FDA-approved in conjunction with an MDI product on the US market.

We also have other dose-counting options in development:

Quantum – an arrow on the bottom of the can indicates the remaining drug left in the can. No change is needed to the actuator, nor any additional parts.

eMDI – an embedded and connected MDI tracks and records data on the use of medications and shares it with patient and physician via a mobile or web app.