H&T Presspart has extended its product portfolio in the field of digital healthcare solutions as part of a partnership with BIOCORP whereby H&T Presspart is licensed to sell and promote BIOCORP’s InspairTM smart add-on device for MDI’s.

InspairTM, a smart sensor designed by BIOCORP, transforms inhalers into connected devices to help patients suffering from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the delivery of their treatment.

InspairTM provides an innovative and effective response to patient needs: It directly affects compliance with treatment and strengthens the link between the patient and the medical staff by providing real-time therapeutic monitoring. InspairTM records daily inhalation data, monitors proper aerosol preparation (which must be shaken before use), assesses inhalation timing (hand-to-mouth coordination) and provides useful insights into the various stages of inhalation.

Key features of InspairTM

  • Compatible with pMDIs and adaptable for several types of inhalers or respiratory devices
  • Assesses correct use of the inhaler: captures actuation time and date, hand-breath coordination, indicator of respiratory air flow
  • Records treatment history and assesses quality of delivery
  • ]Transfers real time data to a companion software thanks to Bluetooth technology
  • Provides audio and visual signals to support the patient during inhalation process
  • Compatible with pMDIs and adaptable for several types of inhalers or respiratory devices
  • Removable and reusable for 2 years
  • Potential applications: remote clinical trials monitoring, training device for on-boarding period & commercial use

In addition to Inspair TM, H&T Presspart offers a number of other connected device solutions including the eMDITM embedded smart connected inhaler.

Interested in a bespoke solution?

H&T Presspart’s New Product Development Centre (NPDC) supports customers in the design and development of connected devices and solutions for pharmaceutical applications.

For more information on our range of connected devices please contact us.