Lowering the carbon impact within the pMDI device supply chain

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H&T Presspart will be hosting a webinar to discuss delivering a sustainable future for the pMDI and how the manufacturing supply chain can help lower the carbon impact of the pMDI device. The webinar will be hosted by H&T Presspart’s Richard Turner and Jackie Green on Monday 22nd March at 2pm (UK time).

With over 85% of the world’s pMDIs featuring a H&T Presspart component, there is an increasing responsibility to acknowledge the significant impact manufacturing these components has on the environment and how we as a company and industry can move towards a more sustainable supply chain.

H&T Presspart's Plasma internal surface treatment for pMDI
H&T Presspart’s Plasma internal surface treatment for pMDI

During the webinar, participants will hear how H&T Presspart has helped drive down its carbon footprint through investment in new manufacturing technologies whilst introducing a wide range of sustainability initiatives across H&T Presspart’s three manufacturing facilities. Participants will also get a better understanding of how product innovation, such as plasma surface treatment and new low carbon propellants, can help drive sustainability forward.

This webinar is designed for anyone who wants a better understanding of the sustainability issues at the heart of the pMDI supply chain. The webinar will discuss how H&T Presspart is driving towards a greener pMDI through product and process innovation and how H&T Presspart can support customers who are interested in creating a low carbon pMDI.

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