October 2019 saw a major milestone for H&T Presspart’s revolutionary Plasma MDI canister with sales passing 100,000,000 cans.

H&T Presspart’s patented Plasma surface treatment for MDI cans- manufactured under licence from Portal Medical- was developed following the introduction of HFA propellants as a solution to the inherent problem of drug degradation and drug adhesion within the MDI canister.

HFA propellants are non-ozone depleting and chemically inert, making them the ideal candidates for medicinal products. However, some properties of these compounds are substantially different from those of the CFCs traditionally used in MDIs, resulting in new challenges.

With HFA drug suspension formulations, interactions with the canister substrate can cause deposition of the drug on the canister walls or on exposed surfaces of the valve components. Interactions with solutions more commonly cause degradation, resulting in increased impurity levels. In both cases, the interaction leads to a reduction in the drug content in the formulation, resulting in the patient receiving less than the prescribed dose.

H&T Presspart's Plasma manufacturing facility

H&T Presspart’s plasma surface treatment improves the surface energy performance of an MDI canister, which enhances drug stability in formulations where interactions with the aluminium substrate can lead to product degradation and reduced shelf life. The internal plasma surface treatment also ensures the active drug content does not stick to the canister wall.

Richard Turner, H&T Presspart Global Sales Director, commented ‘Our patented plasma surface treatment offers a solution to two inherent problems in MDIs- drug deposition and drug degradation. With over 100,000,000 million MDI cans now manufactured, this really is a tried, tested and trusted solution for MDIs.’

H&T Presspart’s plasma surface treatment is a patent protected and future proofed technology which uses readily available high-purity industrial gases. The plasma process also has a much lower carbon footprint than other traditional coatings and produces no harmful waste products.

For more information on our MDI plasma cans please contact the H&T Presspart team.