In October 2018, H&T Presspart became a member of the Personal Connected Health Alliance, a HIMSS Innovation Company, along with 17 other organisations from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, joining a growing portfolio of members representing different sectors of the connected health market.

H&T Presspart is a world leader and specialist in manufacturing respiratory drug-delivery components and devices, including the more recent innovation of the eMDI – a fully embedded and connected metered-dose inhaler. With these developments, H&T Presspart is demonstrating its capability and expertise in connected health which will be a perfect addition to PCHAlliance and their overall vision for the future.

The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) is an organisation that believes health is personal and extends beyond healthcare. By joining, H&T Presspart, along with the other new additional and existing members, will help achieve PCHAlliance’s overall vision of advanced connected health and bring perspective to solving tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. Vodafone has joined the list of organisations as a strategic level member, which truly emphasises its commitment to connected consumer health.

H&T Presspart and the other new members are welcomed into the Alliance to help create the right technologies for remote monitoring and personal health tracking; to advance the application of new tools such as behavioural health, data analytics and artificial intelligence; and to support the widespread adoption of personal connected health technologies through inter-operability and public policy initiatives.

View the press release from PCHAlliance