At H&T Presspart, one of our main goals is to adopt lean strategies and in order to achieve these goals we introduced H&T Excellence in 2013. We later implemented an Observation, Problem & Improvement (OPI) scheme at our Blackburn site where all employees are eligible and invited to make suggestions to help reduce waste and create cost savings for the site.

The nature of H&T Excellence focusses on reducing one of 10 potential areas of waste. Continuous improvement (kaizen) events are held on a regular basis to focus on improving a specific area of the business, with a minimum of 24 workshops held at our Blackburn site per year. They are designed to provide a consistent approach to implement operational excellence throughout the H&T Group and all H&T employees undergo an initial training session, which provides them with the essential tools to recognise potential waste in their work.

As part of further engaging the machine shop into our H&T Excellence scheme, our Blackburn site devised a manual t-card board that provides visibility of what tooling is being manufactured & for which business unit.

After the successful implementation, Paul, Machine Shop team leader, suggested there could be an electronic version which would reduce the amount of time and effort spent generating and moving the t-cards from one operation to another. Following a series of meetings, with support from the CIP Deputy, Jackie, an electronic version was developed.

From the dozens of ideas we received every year we are very pleased to pick Paul’s suggestion as the OPI Idea of the Year 2019. Well done Paul!

Paul’s idea has now been effectively introduced and all personnel involved have been trained in this user-friendly Microsoft Excel-based system.

Congratulations Paul and to all of our OPI winners in 2019.

We look forward to all the new suggestions for 2020!