Henry Chesborough, Professor of Haas  School of Business at Berkley University, famously said ‘Most companies that don’t innovate and die’. Here at H&T Presspart we consider Innovation- process and product- a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and entrepreneurial activities.

To support this, H&T Presspart have produced an Innovation Magazine (Download a copy of the Innovation Magazine), giving customers and employees an overview of the selected innovation projects currently taking place at H&T Presspart, and how as a company are building a culture of innovation.

The magazine covers a wide range of product innovations H&T Presspart have launched over the last few years including our Quantum dose indicator system and our plasma surface treatment for MDI canisters.

Process innovation at H&T Presspart also features pages dedicated to our new MDI actuator manufacturing cell at H&T Presspart Tarragona as well as our Inhalation Product Technology Centre.

Metered-dose Inhaler (MDI) Surface Treatment
Plasma surface treatment manufacturing cell for MDI cans

H&T Presspart’s Co-Chairmen, Mr Julian Hemy and Mr Victor Torres, also provide an interview in the magazine giving the reader an insight into innovation within H&T Presspart and how some of our innovation successes are driving the company forward.

For H&T Presspart innovation is the process of making changes, large and small, radical and incremental, to products technologies, processes, business models and services. These changes need to result in something new that adds value to our customer. We hope this magazine highlights how we achieve that.

Download a copy of our Innovation Magazine.