H&T Presspart, the world’s leading manufacturer of components and devices for respiratory drug delivery, are pleased to announce they will be presenting at this year’s Inhaled Drug Delivery Conference in London from 13-14 November

The speech, on day 2 of the conference at 14.50pm, is entitled  ‘ Smart Inhalers- Improving Patient Adherence and Reducing Healthcare Costs’ and will be presented by Dana Shears, H&T Presspart’s Director of Future Market Development.

The presentation at this year’s conference follows on from the launch of H&T Presspart’s eMDI connected inhaler at last year’s DDL Conference in Edinburgh. The eMDI is the first market-ready, fully-embedded, intuitive, connected metered dose inhaler.

The eMDITM improves patients’ adherence to medication doses, encourages self-care, and helps health professionals maintain real-time monitoring.

eMDI connected inhaler from H&T Presspart

A number of key areas will be covered by Mr Shear’s in his speech including:

  • Global health data confirms that poor patient adherence to long-term therapies, such as asthma and COPD, contribute significantly to rising healthcare cost.
  • Smart Inhalers are emerging which enable more effective monitory of patient compliance and adherence, including remotely.
  • Clinical studies using smart devices have demonstrated improvements and translate directly to a reduction in healthcare cost.
  • Smart inhalers face numerous challenges, from a wide range of stakeholders, for successful adoption on a global scale.

Inhaled Drug Delivery Conference is held annually and the conference includes a wide variety of presentations and talks on inhaled drug delivery technologies, with the intent of sharing knowledge and learning across the inhaled drug delivery industry.

For more information on the eMDI connected inhaler please contact us