During this year’s Inhalation Drug Delivery Virtual Summit on the 7th – 8th December 2021, H&T Presspart will be delivering a speech on Plasma Technology and pMDIs.

 Specialists from medical, pharmacology and health care industries will gather virtually to discuss the latest trends of respiratory drug delivery systems, new technologies and review different perspectives of drug delivery.

Jacqueline Green, Business Development Manager, will be conducting a speech entitled “Plasma Technology and pMDIs: A Sustainable Solution” which will detail H&T Presspart’s plasma surface treatment for MDI canisters, presenting its advantages compared to existing technologies and how it can provide a sustainable solution whilst improving drug delivery performance.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of respiratory drug delivery components including metered-dose inhaler canisters and actuators, and medical devices, this conference will be a great networking opportunity as well as providing an insight into sustainable solutions and how the market currently looks today.

For any more information or to arrange a meeting with Jacqueline during the conference then please contact us.