On the 23rd – 24th March 2021, H&T Presspart shall be speaking at the virtual Inhalation Drug Delivery Summit. Specialists from medical, pharmacology and health care industries will gather virtually to discuss the latest trends of respiratory drug delivery systems, new technologies and review different perspectives of drug delivery.

Usually held in Philadelphia, this year’s conference has gone digital due to the COVID Pandemic. The conference will give a unique opportunity during these difficult times for learning, exchanging opinions, and networking via live presentations followed by dynamic Q&A sessions. H&T Presspart’s Dr Anselm Ebert, Business Development Director, will be joining in with the discussions and will be delivering a speech entitled ‘Plasma technoloy and pMDIs- A sustainable solution’.

Presspart's plasma surface treatment reduces drug degradation and adhesion in a pMDI can
Presspart’s plasma surface treatment reduces drug degradation and adhesion in a pMDI can

With the introduction of new propellants and more complex formulations, the pMDI canister plays a significant role in the efficacious delivery of the drug to the patient. The relationship between propellant, drug and canister has significantly changed, with different technologies and treatments being used to accommodate this relationship. Dr Ebert will provide insight into H&T Presspart’s plasma surface treatment for MDI canisters, presenting its advantages compared to existing technologies and how it can provide a sustainable solution whilst improving drug delivery performance during his speech.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of respiratory drug delivery components and devices, this conference should provide great insight into the market picture today. For any more information or to arrange a meeting with Dr Ebert during the conference then please contact us.