On the 28th – 29th May 2019, H&T Presspart, the global leader in the manufacture of metered-dose inhaler components, will be both exhibiting and speaking at the Inhalation Drug Delivery System conference held in Boston, USA.

Dr Anselm Ebert, H&T Presspart’s Business Development Director, will be discussing the fundamental role of treated canisters for the most effective delivery of drug formulation in his speech entitled ‘The HFA Challenge! The canister role as an integral part of the pMDI drug delivery system’.

The canister historically was a safe containment system for CFC + API, and the only difference from can to can was size: taller, thinner, shorter, fatter, however 65 years on with the introduction of HFA and complex formulations, the canister plays a significant role in the efficacious delivery of the drug to the patient.

The relationship between propellant, drug and canister has significantly changed therefore different technologies can be used to accommodate this relationship. H&T Presspart’s plasma surface treatment for MDI canisters, manufactured under license from Portal Medical, presents its advantages compared to existing technologies.

As well as Dr Ebert’s talk, H&T Presspart will be showcasing a full range of respiratory drug delivery components and devices including our eMDI, the first market-ready smart connected inhaler.

We wish the team and Dr Anselm the best of luck for the conference and if you would like to get in touch with any questions about the event, please visit our contact page for more information.