Electronic Dose Counter in actuator

Presspart previews Electronic Dose Counter

The Respiratory Drug Delivery conference 2013 in Berlin gave Presspart manufacturing the opportunity to preview to the market their latest product under development, the Presspart Electronic Dose Counter 

The Electronic Dose Counter (EDC) is a low cost, accurate, disposable EDC designed to improve patient compliance, lower healthcare cost and save lives, and it is the first product to be developed by the newly created Presspart Inhalation Product Technology Centre (IPTC)

The Presspart EDC incorporates the latest in display technology and electronics to deliver an accurate, robust, flexible design platform to address current and future MDI needs. There are two types of Electronic Dose Counter under development, an on-can design and in-actuator designer.

RDD 2013 gave Presspart the perfect platform to showcase this new development during the RDD exhibition, which is run alongside the workshops. The conference attracts scientists, regulatory experts, as well as sales and marketing professionals who are interested in the field of nasal and pulmonary drug delivery products.

Presspart manufacturing are the world’s leading supplier of metered-dose inhaler components including MDI cans and MDI actuators, so it was a the natural next step for the market leader to design and preview a metered-dose Electronic Dose counter.



In actuator EDCactuator with eDC on can