Located near Dusseldorf and the ‘Ruhrgebiet’, H&T Presspart Marsberg benefits from an excellent industrial infrastructure.

H&T Presspart Marsberg specialises in the manufacturer of deep-drawn MDI canisters for the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Presspart Marsberg acquired by H&T Group in 1978
  • Three companies, three H&T Divisions; H&T Marsberg (Battery), H&T Tool Design, Presspart
  • Two main buildings at Marsberg, with a total area of 25.000m2 production and warehouse space

Manufacturing capabilities

  • The entire manufacturing process is validated with a lodged DMF
  • Fully-automated component handling to eliminate human factors
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices Complaint rate is <0.03 ppm

Production know-how

  • Optimization of deep drawing processes and products
  • Fully-automated component handling
  • Teflon-coating inside
  • Full product development: Concept, high-speed production tools
  • Project Management Service

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