H&T Presspart, the market leader in respiratory drug delivery components and devices, has been granted a European patent for its latest product, the eMDITM connected metered-dose inhaler.

The patent granted focuses on an innovative design to allow the eMDI to validate if a patient has completed a successful actuation of the eMDITM inhaler. This is the first granted patent out of a number of running patent applications for H&T Presspart’s eMDITM, which further strengthens H&T Presspart’s IP position and demonstrates the strong commitment to the connected drug delivery device market.

H&T Presspart’s eMDITM is the first market-ready, fully embedded, connected metered-dose inhaler designed to wirelessly transmit data to a healthcare app.

H&T Presspart's eMDI connected inhaler
H&T Presspart’s eMDI

The eMDI is designed to track, remind and record the patient’s medication use using their smartphone and further enabling collaboration with their physician, caregivers, and other stakeholders. The eMDI enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring the best possible care to those with asthma and COPD.

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