Heitkamp and Thumann Logo

The Heitkamp & Thumann Group is a leading global partner for the development and supply of world-class precision-formed components in both metal and plastic.

The family-owned group comprises more than 15 small and medium-sized enterprises located in 9 different countries and employing some 1800 people. H&T Battery Components Alkaline, H&T Battery Components Rechargeable and H&T Presspart represent the three divisions. H&T Tool Design, H&T Industrial and H&T ProduktionsTechnologie the 3 independent business units.

Global presence, strategic vision and a company philosophy that puts innovation, employees and customer orientation at the very center of all corporate activities are the ingredients for the Group’s stable growth and success.

H&T Battery Components

H&T Battery Components is the world’s largest manufacturer of battery components for the consumer battery market and a fast-growing supplier for lithium ion battery technologies. Strong innovation potential coupled with efficient processes ensures successful partnerships with market and brand leaders in the battery industry and pioneers of e-mobility and stationary storage.

H&T Presspart logo

With more than 40 years’ experience and a worldwide reputation for competence, quality and innovation, H&T Presspart specialises in high precision metal and plastic components for the pharmaceutical industry.


H&T Industrial Logo

H&T Industrial supplies deep-drawn serial parts from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Inconel steel and brass. Moreover, the Business Unit bundles the business development and innovation activities of the Heitkamp & Thumann Group in the area of deep drawing.

H&T Produktions Technologie

H&T ProduktionsTechnologie has specialised in the development and construction of metal forming tools, machines and equipment for over 50 years. The company successfully makes use of servo drive technology in order to fulfil customers’ requirements.

H&T Tool Design combines years of experience and state of the art technologies to provide the best solutions. The product and service portfolio covers particularly stamping and forming tools from steel, carbide and ceramic and electrical engineering.