Specialist manufacturer of deep-drawn respiratory drug delivery components.

We are  best known for the manufacture of metered-dose inhaler (MDI) components, with H&T Presspart Blackburn manufacturing over 300million MDI canisters a year. Our aim is to be the leading global supplier of world-class, precision-formed deep-drawn components to the pharmaceutical sector, in particular, those manufactured for the respiratory drug delivery market.



About H&T Presspart

Products & Services

H&T Presspart Blackburn is a global manufacturer of metered-dose inhaler canisters and is a key partner to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies working in the respiratory drug delivery market. Learn more about our full range of respiratory drug delivery components and services.

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As a market leader in our field, H&T Presspart employees people from a wide range of career and skill backgrounds. H&T Presspart invests heavily in the training and education of employees with major specialised training programmes, including a long-established Apprenticeship scheme. Discover all our current career opportunities at H&T Presspart Blackburn.

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Our People

Our greatest asset is our people and behind every product and service that H&T Presspart Blackburn delivers, there is a diverse team of highly talented individuals. Hear about the experiences from our people at H&T Presspart Blackburn and get an understanding of some of the careers available, and most importantly why our people enjoy working here.

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H&T Presspart Blackburn is located on the outskirts of Blackburn in the Red Rose County of Lancashire in the North West of England, with excellent links to the motorway and train network, as well as being one hour from Manchester Airport .

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