At H&T Presspart, we specialise in deep-drawing technology to create precision components for the pharmaceutical industry including metered-dose inhaler canisters.

We use the latest advances to extend our capabilities in deep-drawn part manufacturing, and to create highly reliable and durable deep-drawn pharmaceutical components. With an emphasis on quality, technology, flexibility and fast turnaround, we’ve become the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-drawn pharmaceutical metered-dose inhaler components.

Deep-drawn stampings, pressings and manufacture
Deep-drawn MDI canister production facilities

Always keen to explore the full potential of this technique, we often achieve more than other manufacturers  and we can deep-draw products from a range of metals, including aluminum and stainless steel

The benefits of deep-drawn components:

  • The deep-drawing process uses less material, reducing waste and cost.
  • Deep-drawn products are often superior in quality to those made by other manufacturing processes.
  • Deep drawing can produce complex designs that might not be possible with other processes.
  • Batch-to-batch repeatability ensures consistency.