H&T Presspart Manufacturing & Consumables

H&T Presspart Tarragona, Spain; H&T Presspart Blackburn, UK and H&T Presspart Marsberg, Germany are not dependent on raw materials, process materials or critical components from Asia.

H&T Presspart Personnel

Travel bans to regions with high infection rates were immediately initiated across the entire H&T Group, along with restrictions on meeting people or having people visit our manufacturing site that had recently visited or travelled in infected regions.

Heightened preventative guidance and procedures with respect to personnel behaviour and hygiene have been implemented.

Security of supply

With these measures in place and under constant review as more information becomes available, H&T Presspart is confident there will be no impact on its ability and lead times to manufacture and package all products for our customers.

Please see the link below for our official statement.

Corona Virus Statement