As a respiratory drug delivery component manufacturer, the quality and reliability of our components and delivery systems have an important social impact, enhancing the quality of life for end users of our products.

We add an economic impact to this, by providing career opportunities and training for people at all levels of experience, and covering a wide range of skills.

In addition, we develop strategies for sustainability, aiming to limit our impact on the world around us. This environmental management focuses on controlling emissions and waste through advanced treatment and disposal systems.

For example:

  • Installing a fully automated, multi-clean system at our Blackburn site, significantly reducing energy consumption and eliminating the use of water compared to traditional systems. In addition, as it’s a completely sealed system, there are no solvent emissions.
  • Investing in a bio-filter system at our Marsberg site means we can dispose of post-processing waste using natural micro-organisms, significantly exceeding relevant EU regulations.

We also recycle unavoidable waste, continue to reduce the amount of raw materials we use, and regularly assess ways to cut our energy consumption and so reduce our carbon footprint.