H&T Presspart Blackburn is located in the North West of England, with excellent links to the motorway and train network, as well as being one hour from Manchester Airport.

Specialising in the manufacturer of deep-drawn MDI canisters, H&T Presspart also manufactures a wide range of deep draw components for a variety of industrial sectors. Take a look at the below overview of the deep-drawn capabilities of H&T Presspart Blackburn.

H&T Presspart Blackburn’s MDI canister wash plant area


  • 1972 commencement of MDI can manufacture
  • 2002 Presspart acquired by H&T Group

H&T Presspart Blackburn has a total area of 17,187m2 with building space of 8,907m2.

Manufacturing capabilities

  • Production of plain cans (uncoated) and industrial products
  • Own plasma treatment technology
  • Manufacture of a standard range and bespoke cans
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices
  • ISO 9001 & 14001

Machines and tools

  • Over 19 transfer presses in pharma
  • Two wash plants

Production know-how

  • Optimization of deep drawing processes and products
  • Full product development:
    • Concept
    • Specialises in uncoated cans and plasma treatment
    • High-speed production tools

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