H&T Presspart Nidau designs, develops and manufactures complex complete plastic solutions for the pharmaceutical , diagnostics and medical device industry. H&T Presspart Nidau has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of medical device systems using our injection molding technology.

We offer our customers safe and high-quality complete plastic solutions in the healthcare sector. With state-of-the-art injection molding machines and automated assembly, we guarantee fast cycle times, high accuracy and maximum reliability.

Products & services

H&T Presspart Nidau develops and manufactures our products in clean rooms that meet the requirements of ISO 14644, Class 7 & 8 and EU GMP Class C. We support our customers in the plastic-friendly development of medical devices for  the pharmaceutical industry. We support our customers in the development of their device from concept of their specifications up to industrialisation of the product. We can also support customers in improving existing product design.

Complex injection molded pharmaceutical devices

We implement the integration of additional functions in to a device or the simplification of the device. Ourfocus is always on increasing the reliability of the products that we manufacture. With our experience in automated production, we ensure efficient and reproducible accuracy of our customers products. On request, we can take over the external sterilization of a product as well.


H&T Presspart Nidau is certified according to EN ISO 13485. The certification of EN ISO 13485, US QSR 21 CFR 820 and GxP, ensures the highest possible level of product safety for patients and users of the products placed on the market by our customers.

Comprehensive documentation of the product manufacturing  life cycle guarantees clear product traceability through lot numbers. The products we produce are continuously checked by our quality department to ensure they meet the customers specification using coordinated measurement and test procedures through the IPC tests.