H&T Presspart to present at the 25th Dry Powder Inhaler Conference

H&T Presspart, the world’s leading manufacturer of components for metered dose inhalers (MDIs), is pleased to announce they will be presenting at this year’s 25th Dry Powder Inhaler Conference on Wednesday 28th June.

The speech, on day 2 of the conference at 14.50pm is entitled ‘ Challenges of Industrialisation of a novel use friendly DPI- A DPI case study on H&T Presspart’s new PowdAir Plus DPI’ and will be presented by Dr. Anselm Ebert, who is the Director of Business Development, and the lead project manager for the PowdAir Plus DPI.

The speech at this year’s 25th DPI Conference follows on from the recent launch of H&T Presspart’s PowdAir Plus dry powder inhaler, in partnership with Hovione Technology.

PowdAir Plus is a novel, sleek, patented capsule-based DPI designed for advanced simplicity, ease of use and affordability, making it ideal for developing markets, where demand for respiratory treatments is growing rapidly.

PowdAir Plus is a simple to use capsule based dry powder inhaler


The speech delivered by Dr. Ebert will give an overview of the DPI market and include:

  • Understanding the market and user needs
  • Regulatory and quality requirements
  • From Design to product
  • Industrialisation of DPI’s

The Dry Powder Inhaler conference is held every year and is now in its 25th year. The conference aims to: address many of the issues around generic inhalers, provide case studies of bioequivalence testing, focus on the difficult formulation challenges and the strategies used so that they may be overcome and to discuss in-depth patient and human factor issues when developing a DPI to gain regulatory approval.

For more information on H&T Presspart or our PowdAir Plus DPI please contact us at powdair@presspart.com