PowdAir Plus Dry Powder Inhaler

PowdAir Plus is an innovative, discreet, patented capsule based dry powder inhaler. Designed for advanced simplicity, ease of use, affordability and consistent medicine dose delivery.

H&T Presspart are proud to present PowdAir Plus. A new generation of uDPI, precision built from 100% moulded plastic with no metal parts. The action of the unit accomodates the activation of the medicine capsule in one easy movement and is then ready to deliver medicine by self inhalation. PowdAir Plus is both attractive and highly portable, and the novel all-plastic, four-component design minimises manufacturing assembly and production costs, whilst maximising ease of use. Designed to fit easily in patients’ pockets or purses, and offered in a variety of colours, the PowdAir Plus is well-suited for all kinds of patient lifestyles.

Key features and benefits of the PowdAir Plus DPI include:

Cost effective & ergonomic design- Four component design minimises manufacturing and assembly costs. Ergonomic design derived through human factor studies

Medium Airflow resistance- Designed for medium airflow resistance to be suitable for most Asthma and COPD patients.

Precision engineered and built to last- Designed to be functionally robust to withstand the  mechanical stresses of frequent use.

Automatic capsule activation as the tray is closed- Removes the risk of errors that may affect a treatment’s efficacy

Transparent capsule chamber- The transparent capsule chamber of the inhaler allows for visual feedback on dose delivery

Easy capsule loading- Capsule is easily inserted into the chamber.

Capsule compatibility- Compatible with all capsule types (i.e. Gelatine and HPMC) in size 3, and suitable with any dry powder medicine.

Integrated hinged dust cap- A fully integrated dust cap to help keep the inhaler clean, prevent dust cap separation and its potential loss.

Customisation- Available in a variety of colours and customer branding options.

For more information on the PowdAir Plus dry powder inhaler please download the PowdairPlus Brochure or email the team at powdair@presspart.com

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