Plasma coated MDI canisters

Plasma technology from Presspart

Presspart has developed a revolutionary sub-micron plasma technology process for coating and treating the internal surfaces of metered-dose inhaler canisters.

The new Presspart Plasma Coating and Presspart Plasma Treatment improves the surface energy performance of an MDI canister, thus helping to prevent the active content of a drug formulation sticking to the canister wall. This ensures that the patient receives the prescribed dose and solves an inherent problem present within many of today’s metered dose inhalers.

There’s also the added benefit of enhanced drug stability performance, in formulations where interactions with the aluminium substrate can lead to product degradation and reduced shelf life.

Advantages of Presspart Plasma coating for prescription metered dose inhaler canisters:

  • Ultra pure monomers resulting in 99.99% purity
  • No solvents or other waste products produced
  • No resulting leachable or extractable material
  • Canisters are cleaned during the plasma process as part of the coating cycle – cleaned surface remains in vacuum hence coating substrate interface is ultra-clean, resulting in well-adhered coatings
  • Nanometre coating or surface treatment fully replicates the surface of the canister
  • Low surface energy polymerised coatings for high degree of repellency
  • Scalable volume process with excellent cycle to cycle reproducibility
  • No need for post coating baking
  • Single coating technology
  • Specialist smaller canisters
  • Canisters to fit all valve sizes, including compatibility with gasket and o-ring sealed valves.

Contact us to discuss the options for Plasma coating or to learn more about Presspart’s plasma technology. To see more information on our plasma process download the information sheet.



MDI cans

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