Metered Dose Inhaler Canisters (MDI Canisters)

MDI Canisters from H&T Presspart

H&T Presspart is the World’s leading manufacturer of metered dose inhaler canisters (MDI canisters) – a position we have achieved thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience of the market.

Our reputation for competence, quality and innovation puts us significantly ahead of the game.

Output of MDI canisters from H&T Presspart’s manufacturing plants in Blackburn, England and Marsberg, Germany is around 450 million units per annum.

All of our metered dose inhaler canisters are designed and manufactured for optimum compatibility with the MDI valve, MDI actuators and formulation. The complete range of MDI canisters is suitable for use with both hydrofluoroalkanes (HFA) and chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) propellants, and our metered dose inhalers are available in a number of sizes and substrates. A range of MDI canister coatings is also available.

MDI Canisters

We also offer a number of custom solutions, providing complete flexibility for our customers:

  • Specialist smaller canisters
  • Canisters to fit all valve sizes, including compatibility with gasket and o-ring sealed valves

MDI Canister Size
H&T Presspart offers a wide range of standard and custom-sized canisters to meet the varied needs of customers. H&T Presspart have standard can sizes of 10ml, 14ml, 17ml and 19ml but can also produce customised cans.

H&T Presspart’s standard range of thin-walled aluminium canisters is suitable for use with MDIs containing CFC propellants. With the introduction of HFA propellants, a range of thick-walled cans has also been developed to withstand the associated higher pressures.
Aluminium thick-walled metered dose inhaler canisters, for example, can be used when coatings are required and ensures products are robust enough for filling and crimping. Stainless steel MDI canisters, which are compatible with the higher pressures associated with HFA propellants, are also available.

H&T Presspart complies with all relevant standards across the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Several USP Pharmacopoeia standards
  • Food contact regulations (USA and EU)
  • EU and USA packaging regulations


MDI cans

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